Giles Meyer, CEO of Carers Trust, said:

“We’re pleased that the Government has published its long-awaited Carers Action Plan. We’re also pleased to see the results of the Call for Evidence, which we responded to, along with carers and local services.

“It is good to see commitments from the government to England’s diverse range of carers, and we hope it makes a significant difference as we await the long-term changes that we expect the social care green paper to make to the funding carers and local services need.

“However, the action plan misses the opportunity to fix the social care funding support young carers need, many of whom are juggling their education with home life and risk missing out on other aspects of growing up. It also misses the chance to ensure that all carers are able to access local assessments which will support them in their role as carers. We really need to see how the government plans to tackle these issues alongside the general crisis in social care funding.

“I look forward to working with the Minister and her department on the implementation of this plan, so that we can ensure the much-needed changes for carers and local carers services are made a reality.” 

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