The Government’s commitment to improve support for carers of people with mental health conditions will be a major boost to more than a million unpaid carers if changes are put into practice and commissioners implement the guidance.

Carers Trust has been working with health and social care professionals through its Triangle of Care scheme which sets out key areas in which they can include and support carers in order to benefit them, the professional and the person with ill health.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg also acknowledged the important role of more than 160,000 young carers and the new rights they will have under the Children and Families Bill, as a result of lobbying from organisations such as Carers Trust.

Thea Stein, Chief Executive of Carers Trust, said:

“As a result of our work with Mental Health Trusts and implementation of the Triangle of Care model, we know that a significant difference to the quality of care and health outcomes of carers is achievable. But, a fundamental shift in attitudes is needed to really challenge practice that excludes carers. We welcome the fact that the Government’s Mental Health Action Plan recognises the importance of including carers, but change won’t happen unless models like Triangle of Care are fully adopted by all mental health providers”.

“We welcome this opportunity for commissioners to integrate the Triangle of Care into their mental health commissioning models and hope they will take this opportunity to improve the support that carers receive from the NHS.”