Responding to the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation investigation (PDF, 415KB), Ruth Hannan, Carers Trust Policy and Development Manager for mental health, said:

"The publication today of an independent thematic homicide review at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust between 2007 and 2015 highlights the devastating consequences of poor care of those who are incredibly vulnerable.

"For all of the families involved and affected by these 10 cases the publication of the review must provoke painful memories and strong feelings.

"In many serious incidents in mental health services a common theme of poor family involvement is regularly highlighted, sadly these 10 cases are no different.

"Carers Trust welcomes the recommendation by the independent panel that Sussex Partnership should implement the Triangle of Care in their services and sign up to the Triangle of Care membership scheme within 12 months of the report's publication.

"Whilst Carers Trust welcomes this recommendation it is sad that it took the most devastating circumstances for a Trust to commit to carer-involvement; on a day-to-day basis carers wish to pass on vital information, offer support and be told about support for themselves and sadly this is not happening enough.

"It is time that NHS services begin to truly recognise that they do not have a carer inclusive culture, this needs to change for the benefit of not only carers but services users and professionals too.

"Carers Trust feels it is important to note that although Sussex Partnership NHS Trust state that their adult and forensic service "operate the Triangle of Care" they are not members of Carers Trust Triangle of Care membership scheme and as such have no independent scrutiny as to the quality and depth of their implementation and as such Carers Trust would question the veracity of this statement."