Gail Scott-Spicer, CEO of Carers Trust said:

“We are disappointed that the Government in today’s Spending Review has failed to pledge the essential funding for social care to support unpaid carers, the people they care for, and the local services they depend on.

“Allowing councils to raise council tax by 2% will not come anywhere near the amount needed to meet the gap in social care funding, even if all councils charge it. This must cover funds needed to pay the National Living Wage, as well as meeting the gap in care provision. Significant further investment is needed to ensure older people, disabled people, and their families and unpaid carers can live safe, independent, healthy lives.

“The Better Care Fund needs to be improved to  ensure it results genuinely in long term better outcomes rather than focusing purely on short term targets. It must deliver for carers and people with care needs and  ensure that vital breaks for unpaid carers are prioritised.

“Inevitably, unpaid carers’ own health and wellbeing, and that of the people they care for will be poorer as a consequence of not investing properly in social care, potentially leading to higher use of GP surgeries and emergency hospital beds -  the very things the Government wishes to avoid.”