Carers Trust, the largest charity for unpaid carers, welcomes the publication of the Mental Health Taskforce’s Five Year Forward View final report. It is positive to see that the challenges currently being faced in mental health services are recognised and that additional funding will be provided to help and support those most in need.

Carers Trust welcomes the need for mental health services to better understand the value of information sharing with unpaid carers and that support and guidance to do this is required. Carers Trust has worked with unpaid carers and mental health services for a number of years to help improve their understanding of what information can be shared and the value of doing this.

However, we are disappointed to see that there was no recognition of the impact of caring on the carers own wellbeing (which was identified in the Taskforce’s Public Engagement Findings) and the need for unpaid carers to be identified and supported in their own right.

Gail Scott-Spicer, Chief Executive of Carers Trust said: “Many unpaid carers will be pleased to see the increased funding in mental health services, which will mean the people they care for have a better opportunity to recover and we recognise this. But we, feel that the taskforce has missed an opportunity to ensure mental health moves towards a 21st century model of whole family support ensuring both service users and unpaid carers have better outcomes from their involvement with mental health services.”

“Young carers can also be vulnerable to developing mental health problems and we hope that the report recommendations will create opportunities to increase support for this group.”

Carers Trust now looks towards the forthcoming Carers Strategy to make clearer commitments about unpaid carers in health services and the need to identify them as soon as possible and ensure they are linked with support for their own needs.

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Carers Trust response to Committee Chair rejecting Government non-response on employment support for carers

Giles Meyer, CEO, Carers Trust, said: 

“What hope is there for England’s five million unpaid carers who are having a hard time juggling work and their caring roles, when the very committee overseeing the Department for Work and Pensions suggests the Department needs to ‘go away and try again’.

Carers Trust response to Children and Young People's Mental Health Green Paper

Giles Meyer, CEO, Carers Trust, said: 
“It is unclear how young carers’ mental health will be improved and supported based on the government’s response to this consultation. It feels very limited in its ambition.

Carers Trust responds to Care Quality Commission’s Beyond Barriers report

Speaking today, Giles Meyer, CEO, said:

“The findings of the CQC’s Beyond Barriers report are not a surprise, based on what Carers Trust regularly hears from local carers services and unpaid carers: local health and social care systems are not working together effectively for older people.