Responding to Alzheimer’s Research UK’s report on the impact of caring for someone with dementia, Gail Scott-Spicer, Chief Executive of Carers Trust, said:

“Alzheimer’s Research UK’s report demonstrates why unpaid carers looking after someone with dementia have to be at the heart of that person’s care and support plan. These carers are giving up an immense amount of time and emotional and physical energy caring for their friend or family member but they often do so without adequate advice, information and support, at a detriment to their own health and aspirations, and with a severe impact on their finances. The report reflects our own research ‘A Road Less Rocky’, which highlighted the key areas of impact and need for unpaid carers when they care caring for someone with dementia.

“Carers Trust’s ‘Triangle of Care’ programme is designed to help tackle these problems. It shows how health professionals and policy-makers, by taking into account the invaluable role played by the unpaid carer of someone with dementia and putting support in place to help them, can improve the quality of life both of the carer and the person they are caring for. We urge health professionals to take up the advice and guidance we and Alzheimer’s Research UK are offering and call on the government to invest in the support services all unpaid carers need.”