Speaking today, Giles Meyer CEO of Carers Trust, said:

"We are in disbelief that the government have yet again delayed finding the long-term joined-up solution to social care funding that carers need, and chosen to focus only on older people in next summer’s Green Paper. Social care is in crisis now, and needs urgent government action to support unpaid carers of all ages, who care for people of all ages. 

"England’s five million carers – whether they are young adult carers, working-age carers, or older carers – are all still waiting for their own social care needs to be met, as well as those of the people they care for. 

"The fact that carers are not mentioned in the First Secretary’s statement is completely at odds with what the government has repeatedly heard from carers about their social care needs, particularly carers’ recent engagement with the Carers Strategy.

"With no timeline for funding reform for young adult carers or working age carers, how much longer is the government going to delay on this?"


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Carers Trust response to Committee Chair rejecting Government non-response on employment support for carers

Giles Meyer, CEO, Carers Trust, said: 

“What hope is there for England’s five million unpaid carers who are having a hard time juggling work and their caring roles, when the very committee overseeing the Department for Work and Pensions suggests the Department needs to ‘go away and try again’.

Carers Trust response to Children and Young People's Mental Health Green Paper

Giles Meyer, CEO, Carers Trust, said: 
“It is unclear how young carers’ mental health will be improved and supported based on the government’s response to this consultation. It feels very limited in its ambition.

Carers Trust responds to Care Quality Commission’s Beyond Barriers report

Speaking today, Giles Meyer, CEO, said:

“The findings of the CQC’s Beyond Barriers report are not a surprise, based on what Carers Trust regularly hears from local carers services and unpaid carers: local health and social care systems are not working together effectively for older people.