Speaking today, Giles Meyer, CEO, said:

“The findings of the CQC’s Beyond Barriers report are not a surprise, based on what Carers Trust regularly hears from local carers services and unpaid carers: local health and social care systems are not working together effectively for older people. For older carers of older people in particular, navigating this complex system on behalf of the person they care for means putting their own health needs second.

“Older carers have already told us they want to reduce the amount of time they spend arranging, chasing up, travelling to and from appointments for the person they care. While it’s great to read that the CQC found carer-friendly services in some areas: GP practices who gave carers priority access to appointments, or flu vaccinations being offered at carers groups; all carers need responsive services like this.

“Carers Trust is also proud to see the role of local voluntary sector carers services recognised as providing ‘invaluable guidance and support’, we know that services within the Carers Trust network provides the local, frontline support carers need.

“We agree with CQC’s recommendation that health and social care should be jointly planned, backed up by long-term funding reform and investment. The Carers Trust network is well placed to help involve carers, design these plans, and deliver services. This new way of planning, together with the social care Green Paper, should mean that carers can continue caring for as long as they want to, while getting the support they need for their own health and wellbeing.”