Responding to today’s Queen’s Speech, Giles Meyer, interim CEO of Carers Trust, said:

“Unpaid carers, and the services that support them, are very clear that social care funding is in crisis and that successive governments have failed to take sufficient action.

“Social care funding must now be put above party politics, and plans for a consultation must be used to find a long-term solution, which works for unpaid carers today and in the future.

“The increase in the National Living Wage is important as it is a step towards ensuring paid care support staff are paid more fairly for the vital job they do in supporting disabled and older people, their carers and families. We look forward to seeing the detail of the proposed measures in the consultation, and how this will meet the costs to the councils that support care providers.

“Many unpaid carers could not manage without the high-quality support of paid care support staff. The impact of Brexit negotiations must ensure that enough paid staff are available to support carers – wherever these workers come from in the world.”