Strategic influencing


Carers Trust Wales works proactively to influence policy, legislation and commissioning processes for the benefit of carers and our Network Partners.

Key areas of activity include:

The Ministerial Advisory Group for Carers

Carers Trust Wales has been a key member of the Ministerial Advisory Group for Carers since its inception in 2018.

This group provides direct advice to the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Care and has a key role in developing a new Strategic Action Plan for Carers which will be published by January 2021.

For more information about the Ministerial Advisory Group for Carers please contact Simon at

The National Engagement Group

Welsh Government has funded Carers Trust Wales to develop a national Engagement Group for carers and frontline professionals to work in partnership with the Ministerial Advisory Group for Carers to advise the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Care.

Established in December 2019, the Engagement Group meets three times a year and has determined three key areas of work which will be delivered in 2020 alongside supporting the shaping of the Strategic Action Plan for Carers.

For more information about the National Engagement Group please contact Kate at 

Youth Parliament

Carers Trust Wales was appointed as a partner organisation of the Welsh Youth Parliament in 2018. This has enabled our national Youth Council to elect two of its members to represent them on the Youth Parliament.

We support Grace Barton WYPM and Oliver Davies WYPM in their parliamentary roles and any young carers wishing to share their views with their Youth Parliament representatives can do so by emailing

Young Carers ID Cards

Carers Trust Wales has been funded by Welsh Government to act as the national lead for the rollout of an ID card scheme for carers aged 18 and under across Wales.

We have brought together local authorities, local health boards, carers services and carers, health, social care and education professionals to shape an approach that will be rolled out across Wales from April 2020.

For more information about the Young Carers ID Card scheme please contact Kate at

Delivering for young carers in schools

Carers Trust Wales has worked closely with Welsh Government and Estyn to shape and inform the remit and findings of a thematic review undertaken by Estyn in 2018 focussed on young carers in school.

Download the Provision for young carers in secondary schools, further education colleges and pupil referral units across Wales report

Building on Estyn’s recommendations, which were accepted by Welsh Government, we worked with Education Consortia and a range of other stakeholders to deliver useful training and resources regarding identifying and offering support for carers in schools.

The resources produced through this project will be made available to all schools and colleges in Wales by the end of April 2020. For more information please contact Faaiza at

Influencing the carers inquiry

Carers Trust Wales has been instrumental in influencing a post-legislative inquiry into the support carers in Wales have been able to receive following new rights established through the Social Services and Wellbeing Wales Act.

We provided comprehensive written and oral evidence to the Committee including creating opportunities for over 30 young carers and all Network Partners in Wales to have their voices heard on Young Carers Awareness Day 2019.

The Committee report, published in November 2019, made 31 recommendations to Welsh Government encompassing all our key policy asks. Welsh Government has accepted most of them and we’re working proactively with Welsh Government to identify how we can support them to deliver against these recommendations.

Download the Caring for our future report

For more information about the inquiry and Carers Trust Wales’ influencing work more widely, please contact Kate at