Welsh Government Framework for engaging with unpaid carers


Carers Trust Wales is delivering the Welsh Government’s Framework for engaging with unpaid carers during 2022/23.

Throughout the year Carers Trust will host, on behalf of the Welsh Government, a series of engagement events to hear from unpaid carers about their experiences. Events will be themed around the priorities from the Welsh Government’s Strategy for Unpaid Carers to inform Welsh Ministers about the lived experiences of unpaid carers. A report from each event will be shared with the Welsh Government’s Ministerial Advisory Group on unpaid carers.

There will be a mix of in-person and online events, with the aim to hear from people in all areas across Wales. Additional meetings will be held to hear from groups of carers who are under-represented in carer services. All meetings will welcome contributions from unpaid carers in Welsh or English.

Register for an event in your area here.

For questions about Carers Trust Wales’ work on the Welsh Government Framework for engaging with unpaid carers, please contact wales@carers.org.

Previous engagement work

The National Engagement Group for Carers works alongside the Ministerial Advisory Group for Carers to help inform Welsh Government’s approach to supporting unpaid carers across Wales.

In October 2020 the Engagement Group held a series of events to amplify the voices of unpaid carers and the professionals that work alongside them.

The events gave carers and professionals the opportunity to share how COVID-19 has impacted on them and what steps they think should be taken to make sure that carers receive the recognition they deserve and the support they need.

View the visual minutes for each of the sessions below.