Trusts and foundations

Trusts and foundations play a vital role in helping us to identify, recognise and support unpaid carers across the UK. We rely on core donations, which give us the flexibility to direct funding where it is needed most.

We also work with trusts and foundations to deliver key programmes for specific groups of carers who need our support. For example, one our current priorities is to improve identification and support for young carers in education.

Thanks to funding from The Eranda Rothschild Foundation and the Sobell Foundation, we have been able to deliver the second phase of our successful Young Carers in Schools programme. This year, we have been working with five of our local young carer services to recruit and train parents and young carers to become Young Carers in Schools Ambassadors. Their role is to work in their local communities to raise greater awareness of young carers and the need to support them in schools.

Our commitment to you

We value all the support we receive from our funders; in return we provide: 

  • Regular updates and case studies.
  • Opportunities to visit the project you are funding.
  • Invitations to our key events.

Get in touch

If you are interested in hearing more about our work or want to get involved, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Dan Levinge via email at or call 0300 772 9600.