Health and Wellbeing Alliance

Carers Trust and Carers UK form the Carers Partnership in the Health and Wellbeing Alliance.

The Health and Wellbeing Alliance is jointly managed by the Department of Health, Public Health England and NHS England and is made up of 18 members from the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.

The Carers Partnership represents unpaid carers, a group identified as facing some of the most significant health inequalities. We have a programme of work across the year which enables us to gather evidence, views and experience from carers, and the local services that support them, in a variety of ways. 

Through the Carers Partnership and the Health and Wellbeing Alliance, Carers Trust will amplify the voice of Carers Trust Network Partners and unpaid carers to inform national policy, help co-produce solutions to reduce health inequalities faced by carers, support information sharing with government and encourage integrated working between local carers services and statutory partners.  

See the NHS England website for more information