Getting an annual review of the support you need from your care provider

If you are paying for paid care support at home, your care support provider should carry out an annual review of your support, family support and the support provided to the person you care for.

This is sometimes called a person-centred review.

It should be carried out on an annual basis and this should be led by you with the person you care for.

Your care support provider should be flexible and able to provide support that meets all of your needs. They should involve you, the person you care for and your family in the annual review.

Getting a review

When you are choosing a care provider:

  • Find out how the support provided will be reviewed and how often.
  • Ask how people who are important to you will be involved.
  • Ask about how easy it will be to make changes to your support at any time – not just at your annual review.

Getting help at home

Find out more about getting help from paid care support workers at home.

"My daughter is becoming a teenager and I want her to experience the same things that other teenagers do, and so we have adapted her support plan to ensure she can have safe time out with friends at the youth club."

Mark who cares for his daughter