Days out

Visitor attractions and leisure facilities may offer discounts to you and the person you care for.

Get in touch with them before you go and find out what help they can offer you. Visitor attractions should offer you free entry if you are supporting the person you care for.

See free entry for carers to visitor attractions

Many places won’t ask for proof that you are a carer or they may just ask you a few questions to check. Others will ask to see a copy of a letter that says which disability benefits the person you care for gets, or if you get Carer’s Allowance. As you might need to use this letter more than once make a copy of it rather than taking the original. 

These are some of the discounts you might be able to get:

  • Some local carer services have discount cards for carers registered with them that so they can get money off at local businesses.
  • Your local council may offer discounts for leisure activities, such as swimming.  Check what proof you need to take with you before you go.
  • CarerSmart offers, benefits and discounts to carers and people with care needs.
  • Cinema CEA card is an annual card you pay for that gets a carer a free ticket when they accompany the person they care for. 
  • Max card gives free admission to attractions for looked after children, children with complex needs, their friends and family.
  • Merlin annual pass has a complimentary pass for carers.
  • National Trust has an Essential Companion card that allows you free entry if you are with the person you care for. 

You may also be able to get discounts when traveling on buses and trains, or when you go on holiday

Trips out with your local carer services

Many local services for carers organise trips out for carers, either with or without the person you care for. Other local organisations may also offer trips so ask what is available locally.

Find dementia friendly places to visit

The Care and Connect:Dementia Friendly Places app helps you to find places that are dementia friendly.  So if you are a person living with dementia, or care for someone with dementia, use this app to discover new places and help others by leaving reviews.

You can download the Care and Connect : Dementia Friendly Places app from iTunes (for iPhones and iPads) and from Google Play (for Android devices).