Community transport

There are lots of local community transport schemes that may be able to help you and the person you care for get around.

They can help if you find using public transport difficult or you and/or the person you care for are disabled. 

Community transport schemes vary so ask your local carer service what is available in your area. They can include: 

  • Community car schemes where volunteers drive you in their own cars.
  • Door-to-door dial-a-ride services where you are picked up from home in a minibus.
  • Community bus services which run at set times on set routes.

There is usually a charge for using these schemes but ask before you travel.

Schemes may be run by local Red Cross branches (which offer transport to and from medical appointments), Dial a ride (door-to-door service for disabled people) or other local organisations.  

Find a WAV - wheelchair accessible vehicles

Find a WAV offers a range of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs), that you can hire or buy.

WAVs  have been specially converted to allow a person to travel in or drive the vehicle while still remaining in their wheelchair.

Date revised: 03/02/2020