Student Carer Research

Carers face a difficult time at university. Student carers can feel that they are being pulled two ways, often more, if you take employment and trying to have time to socialise with friends and family. On the one hand carers want to do well in their studies, be independent, achieve their goals, ambitions and aspirations; and they also feel that they need to care for their families or friends.

This is backed up by Carers Trust Scotland research:

For more facts and figures on the impact on student carers juggling unpaid caring responsibilities and studying read our Scotland Report Bridging the Gap: Young Adult Carers in Scotland and our Young Adult Carers at College and University report.  

That is why we are asking all 19 universities in Scotland to include student carers when they look at the different groups that may need extra support to fulfil their potential.  

Our engagement with student carers and other stakeholders demonstrates time and again the extremely challenging conditions endured by student carers that is negatively impacting on them being able to enter, sustain and meet their true potential in higher education in Scotland. Carers provide an invaluable service to their cared for person/s, but also to their local community and Scotland.  

It is Student Carers Time to be Heard in Scotland #TTBH

Find out more about the work we are doing with universities to identify, support and report on student carers through our Going Higher for Student Carers Recognition Award scheme.

"Education was really hard for me because most of the time I lost focus as I was most concerned for the ones I cared for."

Young Adult Carer, West Dunbartonshire