I see no light at the end of the tunnel

An urgent call to action from Scotland’s unpaid carers

In November 2022, we heard from 2,675 unpaid carers across the UK, including 531 living in Scotland, many of whom are supported by the UK-wide network of local carer organisations with which Carers Trust works.

This report from Carers Trust Scotland was a deep dive into the experiences and needs of unpaid carers in Scotland.

Key findings:
  • 12% of unpaid carers have used a food bank.
  • 74% of unpaid carers are worried about being able to afford energy bills.
  • 69% of unpaid carers feel ignored by the UK Government and 58% feel ignored by the Scottish Government.
  • 46% are struggling to make ends meet as a result of their caring responsibilities.
  • 55% have not had an assessment of their needs as a carer in the last year.
What we heard from unpaid carers in Scotland

“It’s crushing to not even be able to afford the most basics in life due to being an unpaid carer.”

"My mum and I are living in poverty in a cost-of-living crisis, this situation just isn’t right.”

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