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Carers Trust is delighted to be in partnership with The Rank Group Plc, owners of Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor Casinos. The partnership was launched in February 2014 and funds the Rank Cares grants programme for unpaid carers across the UK.

The grants give carers access to desperately needed breaks, essential equipment to support caring responsibilities and skills and training courses. They can make the challenge of being a carer that little bit easier, help stop people from breaking down under the strain and help carers find ways to cope with caring. Since the start of the partnership, the funds raised by the Rank Group have helped over 13,443 unpaid carers.

Fundraising and volunteering

14 February 2023 marked the ninth year anniversary of the partnership. Over the nine years the teams have taken part in skydives, head shaves, hair waxing, team vs team challenges, fancy dress days, walks, marathons and cycles . . . the list is endless.

Employees have also been showing their support by volunteering to help their local Carers Trust Network Partners. They have helped with gardening, baking cakes for events, supporting in Carers Week, organising pamper days, cooking a 3-course meal and providing HR support, to name just a few activities.

Ten Network Partners were able to run peer support groups with funding from Rank. These Network Partners also worked closely with the local Mecca & Grosvenor clubs to help with afternoon teas and spaces to meet and to build on the local support in the community.

Our partnership with Rank has been recognised at the 2023 European Casino Awards

We were thrilled to accept the Corporate Community Engagement Award as part of the continued dedication Rank have shown over the last 9 years to Carers Trust and supporting unpaid carers.

We are celebrating some exciting news ... the Rank Group has just hit the £3m milestone

“We’re incredibly grateful for the £3million raised so far. which has transformed the lives of so many carers over such a long period.  The money raised thanks to the tireless efforts of staff and customers at  Rank, Grosvenor Casinos and Mecca means that Carers Trust and its Network of local support partners have been able to continue their life-changing work through a very challenging period.”
Svetlana Kirov, Executive Director of Fundraising

“The links with our local communities are incredibly important for us at Rank and we look forward to continuing our support to Carers Trust and to the many dedicated carers within our local communities who do such an amazing job in providing help and support to those in need.”
John O’Reilly, Chief Executive of Rank

“I take on these challenges because it enables me to have a platform to raise awareness for an incredible support system that is often not know to be available”. 


"Throughout our lives, we come across charities that we feel are a worthy cause so, we dig deep and donate to help them. However, Carers Trust spoke to me on a more personal level and, although I still donate, I felt that there was more that I could do to help this great cause in both gaining more donations and, increasing their exposure to the general public.   

Over the period of their affiliation with Rank, I have put myself forward for quite a few events including a 100-mile cycle ride on an indoor turbo trainer and 2 London Marathons (2018 & 2021) as I feel that strongly about this charity.

Last year I added three other races onto my London Marathon excursion and, I also wrote a blog about my journey to help gain more exposure and to keep my donors up to date of my progress. 

This year, to help raise Carers Trust's profile, all the races I have participated in have been run wearing their colours as, I believe it's the least I can do to help those who need assistance whilst looking after their ailing family members, especially the younger generation who sometimes need to put their lives on hold.

I was recently asked if I would consider running for Carers Trust in this year's London Marathon as well and, without taking even a second to think about it, have agreed to run in this great event again so that I can again raise much needed funds and generate even more publicity for this great organisation".


Running the TCS London Marathon 2022

The Rank Group had four runners taking part in the TCS London Marathon in 2022. They collectively raised a staggering £7,000 to help support Carers Trust.

This year in 2023...

This year Rank had one runner take on the TCS London Marathon in April fundraising over £2,500. A team of 10 took on the Henley 10K Tough Mudder raising over £2K & 2 cyclists are about to embark on their toughest Cycle challenge in June, Cycling from Whitehaven to Tynemouth in just one day!!

About the Rank Cares Grants programme

Our partnership is enabling us to deliver small grants to carers registered with Carers Trust's Network Partners:

  • Carers Essentials Fund – carers can apply for grants towards the cost of vital equipment such as washing machines, cookers, fridge freezers or a bed.
  • Carers Take Time Out Fund – is giving carers time out from caring to relax, do something for themselves and recharge their batteries.
  • Carers Skills Fund – is enabling carers to learn new skills to help them with caring or to return to work.

Please note, carers must be registered with a Carers Trust Network Partner to access these grants. 

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