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Getting more help at home may give you a chance to take a break from caring.

Paid care or support workers

You could get paid care workers to help at home during the day, so you can do other activities; or overnight, so that you can get some sleep. They could help with preparing meals, getting the person you care for washed and dressed, or getting the person you care for out and about.

In England and Wales Carers Trust works with many quality assured partner services who provide care in the home where a paid, trained carer support worker takes over the caring role. The needs of both the carer and the person they care for are assessed and regularly reviewed to ensure the service is tailored to the needs of them both. This is available to people of all ages, and with a range of disabilities and health conditions. This is a paid service. Find your local care and carer services. There are also other companies that supply paid care workers.

In Scotland, you can get in touch with Crossroads Caring Scotland, who provide care in the home so that carers can take a break.

Make sure you get the right support for you and the person you care for. See our buying care guide for more help about choosing the right care.

Find out about getting more help at home from your local council or local carer service. They will also be able to advice you about ways to pay for this help.

Personal assistants

The person you care for may want to employ a support worker (paid care worker) to help them live independently. These are called personal assistants. Find out more about personal assistants.

Help with tasks at home 

You could also get help at home for tasks that you might struggle to find time for, such as cleaning and gardening.

Some charities have local schemes that may be able to help. Age UK has some local cleaning services and have lists of approved local companies.

Ask your local carer service what is available in your area or you could contact your local council to see if they have a list of approved tradesmen.

Alternatively, you can arrange this yourself privately. See if anyone you know has a gardener or cleaner that they would recommend.