At Carers Trust staff are involved at every level in helping to shape our strategy and ensuring we continually evolve for the better.

Our aim is to become one of the best organisations to work for.

Staff Consultative Committee

The Staff Consultative Committee (SCC) is the forum by which Carers Trust informs and collectively consults with employees about statutory and non-statutory issues of mutual concern, such as business, financial and management issues.

Carers Trust is committed to involving employees in developing the organisation and giving them a voice.

Carers Trust believes that good two way communication will improve its efficiency and effectiveness, enable employees to influence and be involved in business decisions and give them clarity about what is happening and how this will impact on their employment.

Staff from across the organisation are encouraged and supported to put themselves up for election as SCC representatives annually, voted for by Carers Trust staff.

Being an SCC rep has been a great opportunity for many reasons. It's an opportunity to develop new and different skills outside your usual role, it's an opportunity to get to know colleagues you may not normally get the chance to work with (and they're a nice bunch), it's an opportunity to understand how the processes of Carers Trust function and for me, one of the most important opportunities has been the chance to represent colleagues.

Ruth Hannan, former Policy and Development Manager, talks on the opportunities that being an SCC representative gave her.