There are around 7 million carers in the UK. That's one in ten people. And three in five people will be carers at some point in their lives.

Young carers with their sisters

Here is a selection of stories from carers sharing their experiences of caring.

Josie's and Jamie's story

I like coming to young carers so we get a break."

Brother and sister Josie, 11, and Jamie, nine, are two young carers who help their parents care for their sisters. 

Kate's story

As a result of accessing the Carers Trust Network Partner services and activities I feel less isolated."

Kate is 17 years old and cares for her mother, who has arthritis, and her 15-year-old sister and four-year-old brother who both have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Elaine's story

We never clock off."

Elaine is 66 years old and has been caring for her 69-year-old husband Michael for the past ten years.

Esmond's story

The thought of becoming a carer never crossed my mind."

Esmond is in his 60s and returned from Spain to care for his elderly mother when she was diagnosed with advanced dementia and Alzheimer's disease and could no longer care for herself.

Jeanette's story

I'd just like someone to call and ask how I am."

Jeanette is 73 and cares for her daughter Cathrine who is 48 and has Down’s syndrome, epilepsy and hypothyroidism. Cathrine is profoundly deaf, and was diagnosed with dementia ten years ago.

Rachel's story

No one offered me support when I needed it."

Rachel is 19 years old and has been a carer for her dad since the age of five.

Nick's story

The diary rules our lives."

Nick is 50 and, along with his wife, carers for his 14 year old son Louis who has developmental dyspraxia.

Jake's story

It's nice to know there is support there if you need it."

Jake is 20 years old and has helped to care for his younger brother, who is severely autistic and has epilepsy, since he was aged four.