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You can arrange a funeral yourself but is easier to use a funeral director.

If you live in England or Wales find out how to arrange a funeral on

If you live in Scotland find out more about arranging a funeral on  If you live in Northern Ireland visit arranging a funeral on nidirect.

Find out more about what to do when someone dies on The Money Advice Service website.

Paying for a funeral

Funerals can be very expensive. Check if the person who has died had a pre-paid funeral plan or any sort of insurance that might help pay for the funeral.

You may be responsible for paying for the funeral if you are the next of kin, a relative or even a friend.  You can also be responsible if you are the executor on their will.

You may be able to use some money from the person’s bank account but there are rules about how to do this.

If no one can afford to pay for a funeral the local council will arrange a basic ceremony.

Help paying for a funeral

If you are struggling to pay for a funeral find out if you can apply for a funeral payment - see Paying for a funeral on the Money Advice Service website.

The Fair Funerals Campaign aims to help carers, and anyone else struggling to pay for a funeral, better support. They have 10 top tips to help you organise a funeral that you might find helpful.

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