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It can be difficult when your caring role ends.

The person you cared for may no longer need your support, or perhaps they are now looked after by someone else. However, caring often ends when the person you care for dies.

This section will help you with some of the issues that you might face if you are no longer supporting someone else, including:

Caring for someone who is in a care home

If the person you care for has moved into a care home it doesn't necessarily mean that your caring role has ended. Find out more about caring for someone who is in a care home.

Check you are claiming the right benefits

Remember your benefits might change if you are no longer a carer, or don't spend as much time caring as you did.

We have more information about money and benefits and your local carer service may have someone you can talk to about your situation.  You could also use our online benefits calculator (supplied by Turn2us) or get in touch with Citizen's Advice.

You may be able to get claim extra money if your partner has died. Find out about Bereavement Allowance, Bereavement payment and Widowed Parent’s Allowance.

Getting back to work

If you are ready for a new challenge you could consider getting into work, studying and training, or volunteering.

Contact your local carer service

Even though you are no longer a carer your local carers' centre may be able to offer you support to help you.  Many centres have groups of ex-carers who use their expertise to support carers and influence local carer policy. 

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