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A personal health budget can only be used to support the health and well-being of the person who gets it.  

The person you care for will decide how the money is spent but you should discuss with them the types of things it would be helpful to spend it on.  

This is all written down in a care and support plan that clearly says how it will improve the health and well-being of the person you care for.

Personal health budgets can be used for a lot more than just personal care.  They can pay for anything agreed in the care and support plan, this could include:

  • services, such as a personal assistant or alternative therapies, or 
  • items, such as a wheelchair or an iPad.  

Personal health budgets allow the person you care for (who actually gets the care and support) more choice, flexibility and control.   

You may benefit if the person you care for gets a personal health budget.  You may find you get a chance to take a break from caring or that is easier to do the activities they enjoy with them.

Find out more about personal health budgets on NHS Choices.

NHS Oxford Health - NHS Foundation Trust have a great video called Katy and Tim's story - personal health budgets which covers some of the support they have spent the money on, including respite:

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