Jessica aged 10 is a young carer and she cares for her father who has a physical disability.

I help my dad. When he drops things I pick them up. His left hand went numb. When he's in bed his legs go out like a frog, then he can't move and he's got loads of tablets.

It depends if he's feeling good. He can still move but it hurts. Some days he feels fine, he can take me out, but sometimes he needs injections for his back.

Helping my dad around the house

I like helping Dad with things. I do jobs round the house. I change the towel in the bathroom every day. I help Dad get his clothes if he can't reach them.

When my friends come round we have to be quiet so Dad can rest. He's like an owl – he sleeps all day and he's up all night.

My local carers' centre

I like it at the carers' centre [run by a Carers Trust Network Partner] because I get to go to places I haven't been before. I went to Kew Gardens. It was really fun.

Two people I know from here because they go to my school. A girl from my class at school comes here too. She understands about my dad.

I gave my dad the idea of giving up smoking with electronic cigarettes. It's three or four months now since he's smoked.

I feel proud of myself. It made me happy that he did. I didn't used to hug him that much because he smelt of cigarettes. Now I give Dad a hug every day.