Carers Trust in Northern Ireland are delighted to have been working with Business in the Community to focus on the needs of carers in the workplace.

The first collaboration took place on 17 December 2014 with the visit of 14 Young Carers to Business in the Community Head Office in Belfast where a focus group meeting was held to look at some of the problems facing Young Carers generally but with a focuds on them entering the workplace/further education.

The working groups brought forward a range of conclusions and recommendations which will no doubt benefit both organisations going forward

Carers Trust is indebteded to Claire Gordon and her team for giving such a warm welcome to the Young Carers who had a great time .

Commenting on the event Sinead Houston (Young Carers Project Manager Newry & Mourne Carers- Network Partner Carers Trust) said

" We are delighted to help in the organising of this trip and thank BITC for their support and hospitality.

It is not often that Young Carers get the red carpet treatment while having their views listened to. They certainly experienced both during this visit and I hope that the relationship continues to be developed.

The need for young carers sitiuation to be acknowledged is crucial in striving to ensure that they are acknowledged for the role they play without being disadvanted in educaction or employment simply because they are young carers."