A group of young adult carers in Wales met up in Cardiff to receive media training for speaking in public and giving interviews for TV and radio.

Female young adult carer being interviewed on camera for media training

Carers Trust Wales' Youth Advisory Council recently met at the Urdd centre in Cardiff Bay for a day of media training led by Luminous Media.

The focus of the day was to train and equip the group of 12 young adult carers to share their stories in the media to raise awareness of carers.

Each member of the group had the opportunity to be filmed sharing their story, and received feedback from the professionals and the rest of the group.

The ups and downs of being a carer

The young adult carers shared honestly and vulnerably, and gave powerful interviews sharing the ups and downs of life as a carer. Martin Downes from Luminous media said:

"For us, one of the most heartening aspects of the day was the honesty, integrity, and authenticity of the interviews. They were incredibly moving."

One member of the group commented:

I feel like I know how to get my voice heard to make a difference in the community.

Bethan Jenkins AM also came along to provide her insight on giving interviews as an AM (Assembly Member). 

Carmen Smith from NUS Wales came to explore opportunities for working together to improve experiences of carers in education.

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