Are you 14-25 years-old, caring unpaid for a friend or family member? We’ve launched a new survey to allow you to share your views and experiences of school, college, university and work.

Young adult carers often find it difficult to juggle caring with school college or work. So Carers Trust is working with The University of Nottingham to find out what helps. Tell us what you think!

The overall aim is to use our findings to develop better services and support for Young Adult Carers.

Why young adult carers?

Carers between the ages of 14-25 can be described as “in transition”—facing many changes, challenges and opportunities, whether that be leaving school and thinking about higher or further education, or moving into employment.

However, little is known about the barriers that they face in their personal development due to caring responsibilities.

Professor Saul Becker, who is conducting the study with Dr Joe Sempik at the University of Nottingham in partnership with Carers Trust, points out the key reasons why this age group is so important to understand:

“Prior to our research, very little was known about this group. Those aged over 18 have the legal status of ‘adults’ and so in the past have missed out on many of the services now available for young carers.

“Additionally, these Young Adult Carers face barriers in their paths into higher education and beyond. Together with Carers Trust, we are targeting a wide age range—those aged between 14 and 25—so that we can identify all of the issues in this difficult transition period.”

Time to be Heard

The survey and research study is part of our Time to be Heard project – one of a number of projects made possible through funding from our Charity of the Year partner, The Co-operative.

We’ll be releasing findings in stages later this year, and it will form the basis of our campaigning on what needs to be improved for young adult carers in school, college, university and employment over the next three years.

If you’re a young adult carer, you can help and get involved by completing the survey now.