The Welsh Government has been working on it's Strategy for Older People in Wales 2013-23 and has moved on to the third phase of the Strategy, which focuses on ensuring that older people in Wales have the resources they need to deal with the challenges and opportunities they face.

By 2023, the Welsh Government hopes to have achieved its outcomes by ensuring that older people have greater social participation, have increased access to information, are not discriminated against (greater diversity), have opportunities to engage in life-long learning / activities and age more healthier.

Taken from the Strategy:

"The Welsh Government’s challenge for the next ten years is:

1) to create a Wales where full participation is within the reach of all older people and their contribution is recognised and valued;

2) to develop communities that are age-friendly while ensuring older people have the resources they need to live;

3) to ensure that future generations of older people are well equipped for later life by encouraging recognition of the changes and demands that may be faced and taking action early in preparation."

The outline and report can be found on the Welsh Government website here.