Employees at Rank Group plc have raised a whopping £1 million for Carers Trust since our partnership began.  

The partnership between the charity and the Rank Group, which owns Mecca and Grosvenor Casinos, began in February 2014 and saw employees at Mecca clubs and Grosvenor Casinos across England, Scotland and Wales take part in a host of different activities to raise funds.

The partnership has seen some incredible fundraising events, including a multi-club Snowdon climb, bike-a-thons, skydives, musical bingo, kilt walks, onesie days, auctions, marathons, football tournaments and club sit-ins. These amazing fundraisers have contributed to Carers Trust’s grants programme, which has helped carers to access breaks, essential items and skills courses.

On top of their fundraising successes, Rank employees have been volunteering to support Carers Trust and our Network Partners. This is the first volunteering programme Rank have introduced and, again, employees have amazed us by contributing over 2,700 hours in 2015– outside of their working hours.

Gail Scott-Spicer chief executive of Carers Trust, said: “The support of Mecca and Grosvenor employees and customers over the past 2 years has been phenomenal. I’d like to offer them our heartfelt thanks for embracing this partnership, which has allowed us to continue our vital services to carers online, through our partner carers’ services and through our grants programme. As a direct result of the money raised by the Rank Group, we’ve been able to award grants to help over 2,000 unpaid carers which is incredible – we just can’t thank them enough.”

Cherry Tatlow, Rank Cares manager, said: “It’s a sobering thought to think that three out of five of us will become carers at some point in our lives. I’d like to say a massive thanks to our team members and kind-hearted customers who have helped raise such a fantastic amount of money for Carers Trust.