On Friday, 14th February, Rank Group Plc held events around the UK to announce their partnership with us for the benefit of carers. Coronation Street actor Antony Cotton launched the partnership by hitting a giant heart-shaped piñata while employees at Rank’s Mecca clubs and Grosvenor Casinos across the country announced plans for a whole range of fundraising events.

Commenting on the partnership Antony Cotton said: “It’s a real honour to launch the new partnership between The Rank Group and Carers Trust. I know that caring for someone 24/7 can be really hard, tiring and draining and causes financial hardship. It is really good to hear that the money raised will be given out locally in grants to help unpaid carers take breaks and purchase equipment that will help to make a difference in their everyday lives.”

The multi-year partnership called “Rank Cares” aims to raise funds for the carers grants programmes while the employees of Rank Group Plc will also offer their time as volunteers in the local centres and schemes.

In the coming months, Rank Group Plc will be hosting raffles, lucky dips, karaoke evenings and a variety of competitions and other interactive events in order to raise valuable funds for carers.  

Thea Stein, Chief Executive of Carers Trust, said: “There are around seven million unpaid carers in the UK who could easily go unnoticed and unsupported. But the time and effort that employees at Rank have pledged to give will make a huge difference to carers’ lives and the people they care for.”

Over the launch weekend alone, more than £100,000 was raised. The Carers Trust employees who attended the events on Fridaycame back thoroughly impressed by the level of support and enthusiasm amongst the Rank Group Plc staff for carers and the partnership.

Our PR and Communications Manager, Yvonne McDonald, reported “I went to Luton and I was bowled over by the staff’s enthusiasm. They really had pulled out all the stops!  All the staff were wearing t-shirts and leaflets and balloons were everywhere. There was even a Carers Trust cake and their masseurs offered to give a percentage of their night’s takings to us!And the appearance of Stacey Solomon adding her support to the cause really went down a treat.”