The Queen today announced the Government’s plans for the year ahead, which included legislation affecting carers.

We welcomed details of The Care and Support Bill, including the creation of new duties to assess and meet the needs of adult carers.

New duties to provide for information and advice and for preventative services will also help to ensure that carers are supported and can plan for the future.

On social care, we welcome the introduction of a funding cap. However, we feel there is a clear and urgent need to address the level of unmet need and recognise that the system is already underfunded.

We are also seriously concerned that steps have not been taken to ensure that young carers have equal rights with adult carers.

In a press statement, our Director of Policy and Research, Dr Moira Fraser, said: “We recognise and welcome the parts of the Bill that will provide for whole family assessment and for co-operation between adult and children’s services, but it remains unclear how the Bill will specifically improve the situation for young carers.

“The Care & Support Bill is a significant opportunity to improve the lives of young carers and ensure that some of our most vulnerable families are supported in the right way and early on.”