We recently welcomed proposed new guidance from NHS England on carers breaks which will give more carers to opportunity to take a much needed break.

The new guidance highlights how the Better Care Fund, announced at the Spending Review in June, includes £130million which must be spent  specifically on supporting carers and prioritised by commissioners as part of the drive to integrate health and social care services. 

Carers Trust has been working with local carers’ organisations to make sure that health and social care services invest the additional £400 million allocated for carers breaks for the period 2011-2015, since it was made available in 2010.

Support for carers can help meet key outcomes, including reduce admissions to residential care and emergency admissions to hospital, and help save the NHS and local authorities thousands of pounds every year.  

Our Chief Executive, Thea Stein, comments: “This proposed new guidance is fantastic news for carers and for our local partners who work directly with carers, it recognises the moral and economic imperative to support carers. 

"In many parts of the country, we have seen how working collaboratively with local carers’ organisations and investing in carers can really pay off for CCGs and local authorities seeking to improve health outcomes. It has made a vital difference to carers by providing access breaks so that they can maintain their own health and well-being and prevent families from reaching a crisis. 

"This now needs to happen in every part of the country and this guidance will help to make sure this happens.”