The Department of Health and Public Health England have set out a new approach to help school nurses support young carers.

The School Nurses pathway details how local authorities, schools and nurses can work together to identify and support young carers and aims to provide more help for the UK’s 166,000 young carers.

This is exciting news for Carers Trust, as we supported with the pathway and have been working with the Department of Health and The Children’s Society to train up school nurses to become champions for young carers. These specially trained nurses will support the health and wellbeing of young carers.

It means:  

  • Young carers will have a crisis plan in place so they know what to do if the person they care for has an emergency or if they feel they are not coping.
  • The school nurse will be responsible for registering young carers with their GP, dentist and optician.
  • School nurses will be specially trained so they understand the pressure young carers face physically and mentally and make sure they get the care they need.
  • School nurses will wear a specially designed badge to show they have been trained a young carers champion

Daniel Phelps, Carers Trust Development Manager for Young Carers and Young Adult Carers, said: 

“Specially trained school nurses can play a key role in identifying young carers, protecting their health and wellbeing and ensuring that they are linked into other services they need. We are really pleased to have been involved in this training and to be working with the Department of Health in linking up champion nurses with local services for young carers.”