More than 70 MPs and Mental Health Trusts joined Carers Trust at the Houses of Parliament yesterday to mark the latest development in its Triangle of Care project. 

There are around six million unpaid carers in the UK, many of them supporting family members or friends with mental health needs. 
These carers are often the only constant in the service user’s mental health care journey, and thanks to their unique understanding of the service user’s needs and conditions, are a vital partner in care. 
The Triangle of Care project was set up to help mental health trusts share best practice on how they can include and support carers involved with mental health services. There are seven regional Triangle of Care groups across England and Wales, which exist to build partnerships between the statutory and third sector. 
By signing up to the new Membership Scheme, Mental Health Trusts can show their commitment to working with Carers Trust to support carers. As part of their membership, they will assess the way they support carers, and develop an action plan to improve services. This means that carers and service users will be able to look out for the logo to see which providers are committed to improving their services. 
Ruth Hannan, Policy and Development Manager at Carers Trust, said that the Triangle of Care was proving to be a great success. 
“By helping mental health care professionals to recognise the support that carers give and acknowledge them as a key partner in care, service users will receive better care and support on their journey to recovery. The Triangle of Care has a key role to play in sharing best practice in supporting carers, and we’re delighted that so many Mental Health Trusts have signed up to the initiative.”