In a goodwill gesture through the Carers Trust NI / Funeral Services NI relationship a presentation of 1000 medical gloves was recently made to NI Development Manager Sean Caughey for distribution across Northern Ireland.

The person responsible for arranging things was Ellison Sloan, Manager at Joseph Poots and Son Portadown .

At the presentation held at the offices of Joseph Poots and Son he commented “As part of the Funeral Services NI network we were delighted to be able to support Carers Trust NI with this gesture which was made possible by the generosity of Hy-Pro Craigavon. Carers are often forgotten and we are delighted at being able to make a difference”

Sean Caughey from Carers Trust NI thanked Ellison on behalf of the carers who will benefit. He commented “Carers Trust throughout the UK have benefitted greatly from the huge amount of work done by Cooperative members in 2013 and Northern Ireland was no different. We were delighted to attend the Funeral Services NI awards and to exhibit at the anniversary celebrations held at the Titanic Centre Belfast.