We have joined Carers UK and other charities in the call to prevent carers being unfairly penalised under proposed changes to Housing Benefits rules that have collectively become known as the "bedroom tax".

Together, we are encouraging carers to write to their MP asking for protection from further financial hardship.

From April this year, the amount of available living space in the properties of non-private tenant families will have a big impact on the amount of housing benefit they receive.

What is the “bedroom tax”?

Strictly speaking it is not a tax, but rather a change in the Government’s assessment criteria for housing benefit payments.

Those deemed to have too much living space could face significant cuts to their financial support. For example, for tenants with a spare room, the amount of rent eligible for housing benefit will be cut by 14%. If they have two or more spare rooms, the cut will be 25%.

Take action: make carers exempt from the bedroom tax

Although we have told the Government of our concerns, carers are still set to be on the receiving end of a cut to the already limited financial support they receive. 

You can make a difference by writing to your MP encouraging them to tell the Chancellor to include in his budget an exemption for carers from these changes.