Carers Trust Wales has spent the past year helping carers make their voices heard in the run-up to the National Assembly for Wales election on the 5 May 2016.

We have provided opportunities for carers to speak to candidates, to feed into our asks of the political parties in Wales, to share their stories and experiences online.

Wales is a uniquely caring country - we have the highest proportion of carers in the UK. Carers are more likely to experience poor physical and mental health, find it more difficult to sustain employment, access education, and to get the help and support from local authorities and the NHS that they need. And yet their devoted contribution saves the Welsh economy £8.1billion worth of care every year.

We were pleased with how candidates and parties in Wales listened to and engaged with carers. That every party manifesto includes a commitment to support carers is a clear recognition of the power of carers’ experiences, and the eloquence with which carers are able to tell their stories.

Read what the parties have committed to for carers

With the election done and dusted, it’s now time for the newly elected Assembly to deliver on their pledges and build a Caring Wales. Although there will likely be only one party in government, the National Assembly for Wales presents opportunities for all parties to shape, influence and direct the work of the Assembly and the Government.

Carers Trust Wales wants to see the National Assembly for Wales and the Welsh Government deliver:

  • A Carer Well-being Fund – a national breaks scheme for carers in Wales, that will make sure carers get the breaks they need when they need them
  • Better identification, recognition and support for young and young adult carers in schools, colleges and universities
  • Better recognition for and involvement of carers of people with dementia in the NHS and social services

Carers Trust Wales will never stop striving to work with and for carers, to make sure carers get the support they need. And that’s why we want to invite all Assembly Members and political parties to work with us and build a caring Wales that promotes, protects and recognises all carers.