Secretly filmed footage showing the physical abuse of an 80-year-old woman being cared for in a north London care home was shown on last night’s Panorama.

The footage was captured by Maria Worrall’s daughter, Jane, who hid a video camera in her room. The shocking film shows her mother, who has Alzheimer’s, being manhandled by carers at Ash Court Care Centre in Kentish Town, London.

Four of the staff captured on film have now been sacked and Jonathan Aquino, 30, was jailed this month for assault.

Anne Roberts, Chief Executive of Carers Trust, said that the film exposed serious shortcomings in the quality of care being offered at the care home, and would cause great anxiety for unpaid carers across the UK.

"Carers do not stop caring when a relative or friend is living in a residential care home. As this episode of Panorama has clearly shown, they will - rightly - expect the person they care for to be treated with dignity and respect.

“It is essential that carers have the confidence that their relative or friend is safe in the hands of care staff, whether in a residential setting or their own home, and it is the responsibility of all those providing services to make sure this happens.

“At Carers Trust we pride ourselves on providing good quality, professional support, whether that’s by offering unpaid carers short term respite breaks in their home, or information and advice.”

There has been some criticism of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which awarded the care home an ‘excellent’ rating two years before the attack.

A statement on the CQC website says it “carries out an unannounced inspection of every care and nursing home in England every year – more often if we believe people may be at risk. This system of regulation can and does identify poor care which CQC then takes action to tackle.”