Carers Trust has launched a new campaign, Going Higher, calling on universities to ensure that young adult carers receive the support they need for the duration of their education.

Young adult carers face a challenging time at university, on the one hand they want to do well in their studies and become independent, and on the other they continue to feel the need to care for their families.

Carers Trust research reveals that half the days young adult carers spend at college or university are affected because of caring – this could mean arriving late, leaving early, or being absent for the entire day.

Young adult carers are also four times more likely to drop out of college or university than their peers, and 42% have paid employment alongside time spent in education and caring in order to support them in their studies.

Carers Trust is asking universities to take three steps:

  • Identify the number of young adult carers attending the university.
  • Support all young adult carers throughout their education to ensure they maintain good mental health, complete their course and achieve the best grades possible.
  • Report on young adult carer progress to showcase universities’ achievements.

Find out more about the campaign and how you can get involved if you are a student, support worker or Student Union Welfare Officer.