The provision of relevant services for carers right across the island of Ireland is essential given the drive for collaborative health service working on both sides of the border.

Problems faced by carers are similar in both jurisdictions and Carers Trust are keen to work with their counterparts in the Republic of Ireland for the benefit of carers.

Therefore the recent news that The Carers Association (the Republic of Ireland's largest carers association) in collaboration with Carers Trust was awarded a cross border research contract looking at carers' situations in relation to palliative care was particularly gratifying.

Sean Caughey commenting on the news said “Carers Trust aim to assist and support carers by collaborating with as many relevant organisations as possible and this has already been borne out through our Mind The Gap Programme. It is very pleasing to be able to assist the Carers Association with what I am confident will be a very useful informative piece of work.”