24-hour work shifts, sponsored bike rides, bungee jumps, and sponsored leg waxing are among the activities lined up by staff and members from The Co-operative on 24 July as part of a marathon round-the-clock themed fundraising effort to raise £247,000 for young adult carers.

Events will be taking place across The Co-operative’s businesses — part of its ongoing efforts to raise an incredible £5 million this year for Carers Trust as its charity of the year.

Highlights of the inspiring activities taking place include:

  • A 51-mile bike ride from Shipston to Handsworth — visiting every branch of The Co-operative along the way!
  • A team-leader from Aldershot working one sponsored 24-hour solid shift.
  • A Guildford-based staff team driving to seven separate countries in 24-hours.
  • A Co-operative petrol station staff member locking herself in a cage in a fancy-dress monkey outfit (see picture below!)… for 24 hours.
  • Carers Trust fundraiser in monkey suit

All in the name of supporting young adult carers and Carers Trust!

Overwhelming effort

More than £2million has already been raised by Co-operative staff, members and customers since the charity of the year partnership was launched earlier this year by Sugababe singer Jade Ewan (herself a young adult carer).

Our Chief Executive, Thea Stein, said: “I continue to be overwhelmed by the effort that The Co-operative’s staff, members and customers are putting into its partnership with Carers Trust.

“At the start of our partnership we dared to dream of a transformative year for Carers Trust and for the young people all around us who desperately need our support and services.

“I am delighted to say that the money raised is already making a difference – it is working! We are hearing from young people across the UK who are thrilled that this hidden issue is being recognised and this is thanks to the staggering support of The Co-operative.”