Carers Trust’s year-long partnership with The Co-operative as the company’s 2013 Charity of the Year, has been launched  today (24th January 2013).

At a special event, The Co-operative staff tuned into a “Rock around the Clock” theme – an acknowledgement to the often 24/7 nature of the challenges facing an estimated 500,000 young people in the UK who care for a family member or friend who are ill, frail, disabled or, have mental health or addiction problems.

The days' activities also included a charity music concert featuring The Co-operative’s Group Chief Executive, Peter Marks CBE, on drums - the “Rock around The Co-operative” concert striking a chord as colleagues from across its businesses join the line-up.

Helping to get fundraising activities ‘rock ‘n’ rolling’, The Co-operative were joined for the launch by singer, songwriter and actress, Jade Ewen, a young adult carer herself who gave up her birthday to attend the launch and support other young carers.

“As someone who has been, and still is, a young adult carer, I’m really pleased to be able to support others through Carers Trust.

“I know how hard it can be for young people with caring responsibilities so it’s great that The Co-operative has chosen Carers Trust to be their charity of the year - I hope that many, many, young lives will be improved hugely as a result.”

About time for young adult carers

As The Co-operative’s 100,000 staff kick-start raising much need money to tackle feelings of isolation and provide desperately needed breaks, information, advice and support for 14-25 year-old carers, our Chief Executive explained why we are so excited about the year ahead:

“We are incredibly excited at the prospect of working alongside The Co-operative to provide much needed help for this frequently overlooked group of hard-working young people who are all around us - who live in our communities, who shop in the stores and who desperately need our support.

“Our partnership with The Co-operative will focus on young adult carers, with the money raised completely transforming many of these young people's lives - not just for today, or tomorrow, but for ever.

“Importantly, as well as raising the money to provide this vital support, we will also be able to bring the hidden issue of unpaid carers to centre stage where it should be, so that no one is isolated and under pressure, caring for a loved one with no support. We are looking forward to a wonderful, transformative year.”

Peter Marks CBE, Group Chief Executive of The Co-operative, said: “I am delighted to officially launch The Co-operative’s partnership with Carers Trust and its work to support those young people in our communities.

 “I am confident that our staff, members and customers will be able to make a life changing difference to thousands of young people across the UK.”