We are leading calls from a number of charities to get crucial changes in the law to improve young carers' rights.

The Children and Families Bill is a significant opportunity to improve the lives of young carers. However, whereas adult carers' rights are set to be improved by plans contained within the draft Care and Support Bill, the Children and Families Bill is currently missing any equivalent improvements for young carers.

You can write to, email or tweet your local MP now to tell them not to leave young carers behind.

Take Action now

Over the next few months, MPs and Peers can suggest changes to the Children and Families Bill before it passes into law.

You can help make sure that as many MPs and Peers as possible understand why it is important that the law is changed to include improved rights for young carers.

As well as writing to, emailing or tweeting your local MP (using our suggested template text), you could also arrange to meet them in person.

You can invite your MP to visit their local Young Carers Service or book an appointment to see them at their advice surgery to give MPs a much greater understanding of the issue.

How to contact your MP

If you are unsure on how to contact your local MP, our How to contact your MP guide can tell you how to get their contact details.

Carers Trust has also produced a guide on how to prepare for your meeting with your MP and suggested key points and questions to raise. Take a copy of this MPs briefing along to your meeting and invite your MP to read it.

Find out more about why the law needs changing, how you can get involved and why taking action will make a difference in our Time to Take Action guide

Our campaigning is part of the work of The National Young Carers Coalition (NYCC)—a group of organisations concerned with young carers and their families. Members include Carers Trust, The Children’s Society, Barnardo’s, Action for Children, Family Action, Gloucestershire Young Carers and Young Carers Research Group.