Young carers and professionals from Carers Trust’s Network attended a National Young Carers Coalition (NYCC) event in Westminster, London to celebrate the success of the campaign for stronger rights for young carers.

Over 30 young people attended from the NYCC, to hear from both the Children’s Minister, Edward Timpson MP and Care Minister, Norman Lamb MP about the changes to the law that will improve support for young carers and their families. 

Carers Trust’s Chief Executive, Thea Stein will speak alongside two young carers from the Network.  Young carers had the opportunity to meet MPs and Peers at the event and ask them to make a pledge for young carers. 

The bills, which are due to come into force this spring, will give the 166,000 children in England who look after their parents, siblings and family members stronger rights to an assessment and support.

A digital timeline has been produced to showcase the key moments and achievements in NYCC journey leading to the changes in the law for young carers. NYCC members and supporters tweeted about the campaign and the celebratory event using the hashtag #togetherforyc

Thea Stein, chief executive of Carers Trust, which chairs the National Young Carers Coalition, said: "The historic change for young carers has been brought about as a direct result of the coalition's campaign. Now we want to see these changes take effect. There are 166,000 young carers in England and it is everyone's responsibility to make sure the changes make a difference to their lives."