Carers Trust Wales is delighted to announce that our Welsh Language Scheme has been approved by the Welsh Language Commissioner.

This scheme applies to Cares Trust as a UK organisation and the Wales team are currently working with the Welsh Language Commissioner on an up to date template that Network Partners in Wales can adopt for use in their own organisations.

Carers Trust has adopted the principle that in carrying out our work in Wales we will treat the Welsh and English languages on the basis of equality.

Our Welsh Language Scheme explains how Carers Trust will put into effect these principles in the provision of services for the public in Wales, wherever practical and appropriate.

Although the Scheme will be implemented in Wales primarily, it is approved and in place UK-wide. As such, all members of staff will be aware of their duty to operate the Scheme where relevant.

If we are unable to provide the required service initially we will work towards providing it in future.

Copies of the scheme are available on request from our Wales office on or 0300 772 9702.