The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Bill was introduced to the National Assembly for Wales in July and aims to improve the well-being of Wales in a way that also takes into account the needs of future generations. Carers Trust Wales has responded to the National Assembly for Wales’ Environment and Sustainability Committee's consultation, strongly emphasising the importance and role of carers’ strategies being led by local health boards, as well as the vital role that services for carer plays in keeping Wales healthy.

Carers Trust Wales argued that:

  1. Carers provide valuable unpaid care across Wales. Enabling carers to maintain their own well-being and the well-being of those they care through carer-focused services is essential in promoting a healthier, more equal Wales.
  2. We broadly support the principles and aims of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Bill, including providing a statutory underpinning for Public Service Boards, national well-being goals and local well-being plans.
  3. A range of evidence demonstrates that carer-focused services, carer involvement and effective health-led strategic planning for carers improves outcomes not only for carers, but also for professionals and those that they care for. 
  4. We have concerns regarding the impact that the Bill in its current form would have upon strategic planning for carers. The Bill repeals a key amendment to the Social Services and Well-being Act 2014 that sought to secure Local Health Boards as key partners in strategic planning for carers. 
  5. We ask that the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Bill maintains Local Health Boards and NHS Trusts as the lead organisations for carers and protects their current responsibility to strategically plan how to meet the needs of carers.
  6. We would hope to see a greater level of detail on how the Bill relates to carers and carer-focused services on the face of the Bill and in subsequent guidance. Currently the only reference to carers on the face of the Bill requires Public Service Boards to take into account local authorities’ assessment of carers needs – we believe that to promote a healthier, more equal Wales there must be a stronger commitment to carer-focused services and strategic planning for carers, including how to meet need not just assess need.

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