Carers Trust is supporting Carers Rights Day 2012, taking place on Friday 30th November.

The theme of this year’s Carers Rights Day, which is organised by Carers UK, is “Getting help in tough times” — focussing on helping carers to find financial support and encouraging the use of technology to find the help they need.

Over 850 local groups have registered for Carers Rights Day events with Carers UK.
Carers Rights Day coincides with the publication of a joint report from Carers Trust in Wales and Alcohol Concern, which reveals that 92 per cent of surveyed carers believed that they are lacking support.
Carers Rights Day is a great opportunity for everyone across the UK to share and raise awareness of ongoing information, support and advice available to carers of all ages and circumstances.
At Carers Trust, our online directory of practical advice and support resources cover everything from money and benefits advice, to tips on taking a holiday, available to carers as and when they need them.
The Carers chat section of our website offers a number of ways for carers to interact and share information with each other, and our network of local support services are making sure that carers have access to face to face support.

Get involved

How are you recognising Carers Rights Day? You can join the Carers Rights Day conversation and keep track of events as they happen by following the #CarersRightsDay hashtag on Twitter, or tell us what you are up to in the comments section below.