We’re delighted to announce that Carers Trust is down to the final six charities in the running for a prestigious two-year partnership with Deutsche Bank.

Employees get the chance to vote for their two favourite charities between October 2 and 16. The two charities with the most votes will go on to become Deutsche Bank’s charity partners in 2018 and 2019.

If you know someone who works at Deutsche Bank, or you work there yourself – please contact Sarah Walsh swalsh@carers.org and read on to find out why a vote for Carers Trust counts!

Three in five of us will become a carer. It can happen at any age. There are two carers in every classroom struggling to cope with the demands of caring on top of school work and nearly 1-in-8 employees, balancing work alongside a caring role. 

Young carers are twice as likely to be out of education, training and employment when they leave school.  In adulthood, one in five carers gives up work to care and on average carers retire eight years early.

Carers Trust helps people manage a caring role, whilst achieving their own dreams.  They provide grants to help carers access vital breaks, social activities, skills courses and essential household items. They campaign to improve access to carer support services.  And they work with local partners to deliver face-to-face support to carers close to home.

Watch this video to learn more about the impact our services have on carers’ lives.

Sweet Bag Trivia Questions and Answers!


Q: Which is the only Zone 1 London tube station to feature 6 consecutive consonants in its name?

A: Knightsbridge


Q: If you drove on every road in the city of Birmingham, approximately how many miles would you cover?

A: 2,000

Well done to those of you who got it right and thank you for considering Carers Trust!